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Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA and online anywhere, all the time, forever, RK Arts Studio (RKAS) is a modern, integrative wellness lifestyle brand business and visual art shop. RKAS owner Rain Kilburne provides Blue Ridge locals and online visitors with a selection of wellness therapeutic techniques and handmade products from her private art studio. RK Arts Studio is a combination of the principles of natural energies, meditation, herbalism, and interior decorating to bring inspirational and healing influences into everyday spaces. Since opening in 2015, RKAS has networked with a wonderful community of loving, creative individuals who continue to put their energy into worthy causes, community projects, and local activism.  RKAS is an inclusive space for all who seek relaxation, healing, compassion, and forward movement; womxn, the LGBTQ+ community, POC and anyone who feels like they are in need of a truly supportive and safe environment in this ever-changing world.


I believe self-care is a necessary, important and supportive act that must be addressed in daily practice to achieve homeostasis and sacred well-being. By supporting yourself and your energy, you’re better able to be present and active in the world around you. Services include meditations, massage therapy, energy healing services, inspirational visual art, and short term whole body coaching.


​As a local Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern American visual artist, artisan, and a Mind Body Spirit Practitioner. I create heavily inspired through meditation and wellness-themed work inspired by nature, dreamwork, traveling, and also my hands-on integrative wellness work in the Appalachian Mountains.  Each original piece sources water, natural stones, and/or mixed paint from the region or country I am in at the time. Some countries include: Canada, America, Ireland, Montenegro, and Croatia, just to name a few. I create energy-infused, inspired photographs, paintings, pendants, energy kits, candles, and more. RKAS regularly ships worldwide each week and would love to send something out to you! Be well!~Rain

Rain Kilburne

The Photographer

When my kids were little, I began documenting their little lives.

In 2007,  I collaborated with several other creatives in a human rights book. For this collaboration, I began the investigation of visual art storytelling.


In 2008, I attended the New York Institute of Photography for formal professional photography training. Following my graduation, I trained with

several online educational mentors and some well-known photographers.


In 2017, I  became a part time instructor and also a wedding photographer. I incorporate my photography as visual poetry and photoscapes into my artistic and wellness healing practices.

The Wellness Warrior

Healing and being healthy has always been a strong theme in my own journey and sparked my career interests toward wellness and well-being. Life can be joyous, but it can also be frock with challenges. 

In 2005, I graduated from the Heritage Massage Institute in Northern Virginia. Since then,  I have become certified in over 25 modalities.  


In 2013, I became a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  


In 2014, I passed the National Board for Exercise Fitness in Personal Training and became specialized in Fitness Nutrition, Mind Body and Weight Management.

The Artist

Art for me has always been therapeutic and healing. I have been an artist for over 40 years.


In the last decade, I have joined with peer collaborations, and also, have had more in depth training with seasoned professional artists and professors from all over the world to hone particular skills.  


Processing my immediate experiences through creative methods such as drawing, painting, writing, and photography have not only strengthened the connection between my brain hemispheres in addition to regulation of my prefrontal cortex, but also the bodymind balance. 

Honored to be Seen In


Mindful Living & Artist Statement

With focused alternative therapies on purposeful and elevated living, our realized humanity and physiological changes bring to light the colloquy of passing time, homeostasis, and conceptualized reality.


Through the current act of compassion and attunement, my energetic medicine work translates the living Biofield into an accelerated natural healing state process where alignment is obtained.


My recent visual artwork has been an investigation of poetics, the transcendental, and landscapes within the inner and outer worlds by delving into the connectedness of what is real and abstract and by creating conversations between the subconscious mind and color.

RK Arts Studio

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